Puppy Mill Free US began tracking bans and restrictions after San Diego passed the 36th ban in the US on 7/7/2013.

We started with our Google Interactive Map which numbers the bans and includes links to the online ordinance or press reports.

PMF.us/EPM.world’s Google Interactive Map of International Bans and Restrictions.

As the kinds of initiatives, ordinances and legislation began to grow, we created various icons for the map to track the many ways puppy mills and retails sales are coming to a close.

PMF.us/EPM.world’s icon legend.

We soon developed our “Big Map“, which now includes three continents, to track the number of states, provinces and countries with bans and/or restrictions and to show where more work needs to be done.

PMF.us/EPM.world’s “Big Map.” Hovering over with a mouse on the site gives a snapshot of each state, province or country. Clicking sends the page down to jurisdiction details.

As the years rolled on we began tracking the totals to see the flow of ordinance numbers. As you can see by our chart, numbers are now around average after a very large year with many passages in New Jersey and Florida while a number of new states came onboard. The good news is, a number of bans are now further-reaching including statewide bans in California, New Jersey and Victoria, Australia.

Our Resources > Videos section contains a carousel of 11 short films on puppy mills and activism around them.