Oviedo, FL, Technically Not A Ban, But an Abdication of Duty

Oviedo passed Ordinance # 1686 in a second reading on 5 September 2019, but the ordinance never became codified or folded into their municipal code.

Instead, the city fell back on its January 2019 ordinance #1678 which ceded most animal code and duties to Seminole County which banned sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in retail stores in February 2018.

Puppy Mill Free.US continues to count Oviedo as having passed a ban, while technically not having a ban on the retail sales of dogs, cats and rabbits in their municipal code of ordinances.

The Puppy Mill Free.US ban and restriction count is the only online count verified by linking directly to online municipal code and ordinances both in the roster of cities under each state and in the Google Map roster.

Other entity tracking may have copies of ordinance that never made it to codification. This is such an example.