No New States, But 2 We Haven’t Heard From in a Long Time 🤩

Activists have reported ban passages in 2 states we haven’t heard from in quite awhile.

Michigan had its last ban passage 3½ years ago at Christmas in 2015. Royal Oak passed its ban in June 2019. In keeping with previous Michigan bans, animal sales bans include rabbits and ferrets, though long-lived birds and reptiles are not on the list as previous Michigan townships have included. These birds, living up to 125 years, quite often outlive their human companions.

A lonesome state for some time, Colorado had only passed one ban, in Fountain, way back in 2011. The good news is Fountain had a puppy store that was closed by the ban 8 years ago.

Berthoud, Colorado just passed its ban in June 2019.