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jurisdictions in the world — in the US, Canada, Australia and UK — have passed bans or Strong Restrictions on retail sales of puppies, kittens and sometimes rabbits, ferrets, pot-bellied pigs and other animals.

ordinances in 2016

ordinances in 2017 & 2018 combined

ordinances in 2019 Yearly Detail Graph ↓
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public Interactive Map of International Bans & Restrictions

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alarm Most Recent of bans

Oviedoe, Florida See blog 2019 reaches average bans per year

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

National City, California Strengthens statewide ban. See blog Salinas simply won’t go away

Albertsville, Alabama

North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina See See Milestones

Cherokee Cnty, Georgia

Anniston, Alabama

Kitsap Cnty, Washington See blog post 1st of 5 Washington Bans to have a Store

Guntersville, Alabama

Lisle, Illinois Bans All Retail Animal Sales! See Blog post 1st Comprehensive Pet Sales Ban Since Flagler Beach, FL, 12/02

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Countrywide Bans
						State Ban City Ban County Ban Strong restrictions.
	                            Active Puppy Store At Time of Ban Passage
	                            Rabbit Sales Bans Ferret Bans Pot-Bellied Pig Bans Failed Lawsuits
	                            Other Animals
	                            State Prohibitions
	                            Reversed Bans
had Stores
Other Animals
Ban Bans

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Resolutions and Statements of Support Resolutions of Support
  1. New York State Attorney General
  2. Macomb Cnty, Michigan
  3. Camden Cnty, New Jersey: 15 incorporated jurisdictions
  4. Middlesex Cnty, New Jersey: incorporated jurisdictions
  5. Ocean Cnty, New Jersey: incorporated jurisdictions
  6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  7. Monmouth Cnty, New Jersey: incorporated jurisdictions
  8. Mercer Cnty, New Jersey: 11 incorporated jurisdictions.
  9. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Passaic Cnty, New Jersey: incorporated jurisdictions.
  11. Bergen Cnty, New Jersey: incorporated jurisdictions.

See map layer "Resolutions of support"↑ for details and links.

Lawsuits Against Bans Have Failed. Bans Upheld

Jurisdictions and activists have won in federal courts : times:

San Diego puppy store owner David Salinas sued each individual member of the City Council, activists and organizations including Companion Animal Protection Society and Humane Society of the US which helped write the ordinance. Judge dismissed the charges for all but the City of San Diego. A month later, Mr. Salinas dropped the suit against the city.

Cook Cnty suit was dismissed twice by a federal judge: First in May and again with new arguments in August. Cook Cnty, 2:2.

Embattled NJ puppy store chain owner (and owner of a MO puppy mill) Vincent LoSacco dropped his suit against the borough of Emerson, NJ, 7/2016.

  1. San Diego, California
    • Aug 2014, judge dismissed most charges.
    • Sep 2014, plaintiff dropped suit.
  2. East Providence, Rhode Island - Mar 2015, dismissed.
  3. Cook Cnty, Illinois - May 2015, dismissed.
  4. Sunrise, Florida - Jun 2015, ban upheld.
  5. Phoenix, Florida - Jul 2015, ban upheld.
  6. Cook Cnty, Illinois - Aug 2015, appeal dismissed.
  7. New York, New York - Oct 2015, dismissed. [ Strong restrictions ]
  8. Chicago, Illinois - Nov 2015, dismissed.
  9. East Providence, Rhode Island - Dec 2015, appeal dismissed.
  10. Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - Dec 2015, dismissed under summary judgement.
  11. Emerson, New Jersey - Jul 2016, store owner dropped suit against borough.
  12. Sarasota, Florida - Jun 2017, Petland loses final appeal to keep selling despite county ban.
  13. Chicago, Illinois - Sep 2017, Series of federal court rulings – the latest upholding a Chicago anti-puppy-mill law – affirm state, local efforts against animal cruelty

See map layer "Failed Legal Challenges"↑ for details and links.
Read Lawsuits Brief↓ under Summaries

Breeding and "Lemon" Consumer Protection Laws Breeding Bans Suits Against Stores Not comprehensive, includes those we've seen in and around ban ordinances.
  • 17 Breeding bansBreeding Bans
  • 21 Consumer protection states (so-called "lemon laws")Consumer Protections

See map layers "Local Animal Breeding Bans"↑ and "Consumer Protection States"↑ for details and links.

    Lawsuits Against Stores Suits Against Stores
  1. Petland, Novi, Michigan, breach of contract and alleged multiple violations of the Consumer Protection Act, 3/2018.
    Novi Petland sued for allegedly selling diseased and sick puppies A Novi pet shop owner has been sued by 16 people alleging he sells sick and diseased animals. Randy Horowitz, owner and operator of Petland, located inside Twelve Oaks Mall, has been sued amid allegations that he knowingly sold puppies that suffered from genetic defects, had infections as well as highly contagious and deadly diseases between 2012 and 2016.

    Update 3/2019: Petland Novi has a 3rd lawsuit against them now lodged in civil court. For the latest news on these matters, see the Puppy Mill Awareness Southeast Michigan blog
  2. Petland, Henderson, Nevada, Criminal neglect, 19 counts, 12/2017.
    Henderson Petland fined thousands for sick dog, overcrowding violations The owner is now facing criminal charges and has been fined more than $12,000. Animal Control officers said the store failed to follow laws designed to protect people from buying unhealthy pets.
  3. Petland Pet Store National Chain, Atlanta, Georgia, 7/2017.
    Animal Legal Defense Fund Files Nationwide Racketeering Class Action Lawsuit Against Petland
  4. Petlands Kennesaw & Sarasota, FL 11/15.
    I guess now that it is on public record I can officially announce we ARE taking legal action against Petland and the owners of Petland Kennesaw and Petland Sarasota, Lamar and Brad Parker. Video: Shut Down Petland in Sarasota, FL Facebook post.
  5. Mount Clemens, Michigan, 8/2015.
    Puppy buyers seek to close Mount Clemens pet store
    A law firm on Monday will seek a permanent injunction in Macomb County Circuit Court in an attempt to bar a Mount Clemens pet store from selling allegedly sick animals.
    Jennifer Measel of Farmington Hills-based Haas & Goldstein, P.C. wants a judge to issue a cease-and-desist order to prevent the operators of Little Dogz from the further sale of any animals.
    “We want to be sure they can no longer sell pets to the public,” Measel said.
    Thirty-one plaintiffs are now included in the lawsuit that was filed in March seeking monetary damages for multiple violations of the Consumer Protection Act after purchasing puppies that were allegedly defective, suffering from infections or highly contagious diseases.
  6. Class-Action v. Barkworks, Southern CA, 9/2014, expanded.
    Class-Action Encouragement: Barkworks’ Case Brings Puppy Mills Into Focus, 11/2015
    Barkworks, a pet-store chain in four Southern California counties. In October, ALDF broadly expanded its lawsuit against Barkworks, initially filed in Orange County in September 2014 on behalf of a handful of individual plaintiffs, by adding class-action allegations, thus filing on behalf of a broad class of misled purchasers of the chain's puppies.
  7. Furry Babies' Pet Store Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Selling Unhealthy Puppy Mill Puppies", 3/13.
    Original posting from 1/2013, “Furry Babies” Pet Store Faces Lawsuit for Allegedly Selling Unhealthy Puppy Mill Puppies and latest update, 6/2016.
    Good news for consumers and dogs: an Illinois court has ruled that a lawsuit alleging that a Chicago-area pet store chain that sold sick puppy mill puppies can proceed to trial, rejecting the pet store’s second attempt to have the case dismissed.

See map layer "Lawsuits Against Stores"↑ for details and links.
Read Lawsuits Brief↓ under Summaries

event Total Bans By Year

Number of bans by year

stars Milestones

Date Locale Milestone
07/22/1952 N Bay Village, FL First "Keeping dogs for commercial purposes prohibited" ordinance. Municipal code
12/12/2002 Flagler Beach, FL First known ban of all animal breeding and sales
10/10/2006 Albuquerque, NM First broad-based animal welfare code change includes a puppy store ban
04/15/2009 S Lake Tahoe, CA First activist-based puppy store ban creates benchmark civil code language; begins the movement.
See Yearly Detail Graph ↑
11/30/2012 New Westminster, BC Retails sales bans include rabbits, hares and pikas.
09/30/2014 San Diego, CA Lawsuit v. City + activists: most charges dismissed. Stores owner David Salinas dropped suit. See Other Map Categories
12/31/2014 US & Canada Number of bans more than doubles from previous year from to
12/31/2016 US & Canada Leap of ban passages: in California, in Florida and in New Jersey. in total for 2016
10/13/2017 California, US World's first statewide ban passed in US
12/01/2017 Victoria, Australia First statewide ban in Australia passed
01/01/2018 California, US First statewide ban in US in effect
07/01/2018 Victoria, Australia First statewide ban in Australia in effect
05/13/2019 England, UK First countrywide ban law laid in England
05/17/2019 Wales, UK Countrywide ban law proposal comments closed
06/17/2019 US/Canada Rabbit sales bans reach 40, 10% increase in 3 months. See blog post Rabbit Sales Bans on the RiseRabbit Sales Ban
07/17/2019 Lisle, Illinois First comprehensive retail animal store ban since Flagler Beach, 2002
08/18/2019 N Myrtle Beach, S Carolina • First ban in South Carolina.
• 1st new state in 9 months.
• 26th US state with at least 1 ban: majority of US states reached.
• 33 states, provinces or countries with bans worldwide.
• See blog post RED-LETTER DAY!
09/01/2019 National City, CA First local ban to strengthen statewide ban for loopholes. See blog Salinas simply won't go away
01/01/2020 Maryland, US Second US statewide ban in effect
04/06/2020 England, UK First countrywide ban in effect

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public Worldwide: jurisdictions in states or provinces

have passed retail pet sale bans or strong restrictions

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  • Statewide
  • Countrywide
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  • Counties
  • Statewide
States/Provinces/Countries have passed:
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  • statewide bans in countries [ in ]
  • countrywide ban [ in ]
  • states with statewide bans had previously passed
    local bans [ in ]
  • strong restrictions in states [ in ]
  • states/provinces have passed both
    bans and restrictions
    [ in ]

account_balance Breakdown by Country

city, county and statewide bans
and restrictions in states.
bans in states Jurisdictions
0 counties
00 statewide
Percentage of states with at least 1 ban

strong restrictions in states Jurisdictions
00 cities
00 counties
00 statewide
Canada flag CANADA
city bans & restrictions in provinces.
bans in provinces Jurisdictions
00 counties
00 statewide
Percentage of provinces with at least 1 ban

00 strong restriction in city Jurisdictions
Australian flag AUSTRALIA
statewide ban.
ban in state Jurisdictions
00 counties
00 statewide
Percentage of states with at least 1 ban

UK flag United Kingdom
00 countrywide ban Jurisdictions

location_city Jurisdictions


US flag US states have passed bans
statewide bans. also passed strong restrictions. = Had store(s)

  1. AL flag Alabama
    1. Huntsville 11/18assignment
    2. Athens 1/19
    3. Guntersville 7/19
    4. Anniston 8/19
    5. Albertville 8/19
    6. Tuscaloosa 9/19
  2. Arizona
    Jurisdictions Bans nullified by state law.assignment
    1. Phoenixassignment 12/13
    2. Tempe assignment 2/16
    We count these cities for passing bans. Why↓
  3. CA flag California
    Jurisdictions state ban Statewide ban 10/13/17
    1. S Lake Tahoe 4/09
    2. W Hollywood 2/10
    3. Hermosa Bch 3/10
    4. Turlock 5/10
    5. Glendale 8/11
    6. Irvine 10/11
    7. Dana Point 1/12
    8. Chula Vista 3/12
    9. Laguna Bch 5/12
    10. Aliso Viejo 5/12
    11. Huntington Bch 6/12
    12. Los Angeles assignment 10/12Rabbit Sales Ban
    13. Burbank 2/13
    14. Rancho Mirage 2/13Rabbit Sales Ban
    15. San Diego 7/13Rabbit Sales Ban
    16. Ventura Cnty 12/13Rabbit Sales Ban
    17. Chino Hills 10/14
    18. Oceanside 1/15
    19. Long Bch 3/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    20. Garden Grove 4/15assignment
    21. Encinitas 6/15assignmentassignment
    22. Beverly Hills assignment 7/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    23. Vista 9/15assignment
    24. Palm Springs 9/15
    25. San Marcos 1/16Rabbit Sales Ban
    26. Cathedral City 1/16
    27. Truckee 2/16
    28. La Quinta 3/16
    29. Indio 4/16
    30. Carlsbad 5/16
    31. Colton 6/16
    32. Solana Bch 6/16Rabbit Sales Ban
    33. San Francisco 2/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    34. Sacramento 5/17
    35. S Pasadena 5/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    36. Del Mar 6/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    37. Statewide ban 10/17 assignmentRabbit Sales Ban
    38. National City 9/19Rabbit Sales Ban
  4. CO flag Colorado
    1. Fountain 5/11
    2. Berthoud 6/19
  5. Florida
    1. N Bay Vllge 7/1952
    2. Opa-Locka 5/1955
    3. Lauderdale Lakes 4/1963
    4. Flagler Bch 12/2002Rabbit Sales Ban
    5. Coral Gables 09/05
    6. Lake Worth Bch 2/11
    7. Hallandale Bch 4/12
    8. Margate 10/13assignment
    9. Pinecrest 10/13
    10. Palmetto Bay 12/13
    11. Coconut Creek 1/14
    12. Wellington 1/14
    13. Surfside 2/14rabbits, ferrets
    14. Aventura 3/14
    15. Wilton Manors 3/14
    16. Greenacres 4/14
    17. N Lauderdale 4/14assignment
    18. Bay Hrbr Islds 4/14
    19. Pompano Bch 5/14
    20. Bal Hrbr Vlge 5/14
    21. Sunny Isles Bch 5/14
    22. Miami Bch 5/14assignment
    23. N Miami Bchassignment 5/14
    24. Dania Bch 6/14
    25. Palm Bch Grdns 7/14
    26. Juno Bch 8/14
    27. Cutler Bay 8/14assignment
    28. N Palm Bch 8/14
    29. Hypoluxo 9/14
    30. Jupiter 10/14
    31. Homestead 10/14assignment
    32. Tamarac 12/14
    33. Palm Bch 1/15
    34. N Miami 4/15assignment
    35. Lauderhill 4/15
    36. Fernandina Bch 7/15
    37. Jacksonville Bch 8/15assignment
    38. Deerfield Bch 11/15assignment
    39. W Melbourne 11/15assignment
    40. Casselberry 11/15assignment
    41. Neptune Bch 1/16
    42. Sarasota Cnty 1/16
    43. Delray Bch 3/16
    44. S Miami 1/16
    45. Hollywood 6/16
    46. Saint Petersburg 7/16
    47. Key West 8/16Rabbit Sales Ban
    48. Miramar 8/16
    49. Palm Bch Cnty 9/16
      ↑Affects 39 cities. 8 stores grandfathered with strong restrictions
    50. Safety Hrbr 11/16
    51. Holmes Bch 3/17
    52. Hillsborough Cnty 5/17
      ↑3 stores grandfathered
    53. Fort Lauderdale 6/17
    54. DeSoto Cnty 7/17
    55. Oakland Park 12/17
    56. Seminole Cnty 2/18
    57. Atlantic Bch 2/18
    58. Lake Cnty 5/18
    59. Sanford 7/18
    60. Dunedin 7/18
    61. Royal Palm Bch 9/18
    62. Mount Dora 1/19
    63. Indian Hrbr Bch 01/19Rabbit Sales Ban
    64. Marion Cnty, 5/19
      ↑ stores grandfathered
    65. Indian River Cnty, 6/19
    66. Oviedoe, 9/19
    We count Miami as a strong restriction. Why↓
  6. GA flag Georgia
    1. Canton 3/17
    2. Holly Springs 5/17
    3. Waleska 5/17
    4. Woodstock 6/17
    5. Senoia 11/17
    6. Sandy Springs 11/17
    7. Ball Ground 1/18
    8. Centerville 1/18
    9. Atlanta 11/18
    10. Fulton Cnty 1/19
    11. Cherokee Cnty 8/19
  7. IL flag Illinois
    1. Waukegan 6/12
    2. Chicago 3/14Rabbit Sales Ban
    3. Cook Cnty 5/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    4. Warrenville 1/16
    5. Crest Hill 10/17
    6. Kankakee Cnty 5/18
    7. Vernon Hills 2/19Rabbit Sales Ban
    8. Downers Grove 2/19Rabbit Sales Ban
    9. W Chicago 5/19
    10. Buffalo Grove 6/19
    11. Lisle 7/19RabbitsFerretsPigs
  8. IA flag Iowa
    1. Fraser 10/17
    2. Stuart 1/18
    3. Boone 3/18
  9. ME flag Maine
    1. Portland 9/16
    2. Bar Hrbr 12/16
  10. MD flag Maryland
    Jurisdictions state ban Statewide ban 4/24/18
    1. Montgomery Cnty 2/15assignment
    2. Statewide ban 4/18
  11. MA flag Massachusetts
    1. Boston 3/16Rabbit Sales Ban
    2. Stoneham 5/17
    3. Cambridge 8/17Rabbit Sales Ban
  12. MI flag Michigan
    1. Eastpointe 9/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    2. New Baltimore 11/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    3. Fraser 12/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    4. Royal Oak 06/19Rabbit Sales Ban
  13. MN flag Minnesota
    1. Roseville 3/17
    2. Eden Prairie 5/18
    3. St. Paul 12/18
  14. NV flag Nevada
    Jurisdictions 0.0 Las Vegas 1/16
    ↑Council reversed 11/17
    1. N Las Vegas 11/16
    2. Mesquite 5/16
    We do not count this reversal. Why↓
  15. NJ flag New Jersey
    1. Brick 2/16
    2. Manasquan 9/12
    3. Pt Pleasant Bch 10/12Rabbit Sales Ban
    4. Hoboken 8/13
    5. Oceanport 8/13
    6. N Brunswick 10/13assignment
    7. Randolph 9/14
    8. Camden Cnty 9/15
    9. Audubon 10/15
    10. Voorhees Tnship 10/15
    11. Brooklawn 10/15
    12. Cherry Hill 10/15
    13. Waterford 10/15
    14. Merchantville 11/15
    15. Laurel Springs 12/15
    16. Oaklyn 12/15
    17. Somerdale 11/15
    18. Haddon Heights 12/15
    19. Westville 11/15
    20. Mercer Cnty 11/15
    21. Deptford 12/15
    22. Runnemede 12/15
    23. Magnolia 12/15
    24. Gloucester Township 12/15
    25. Glassboro 12/15
    26. Monmouth Cnty 1/16
    27. Ocean Cnty 2/16
    28. Bellmawr 1/16
    29. Berlin Township 2/16
    30. Clementon 3/16
    31. Middlesex Cnty 3/16
    32. Pine Hill 3/16
    33. Winslow Township 3/16
    34. Haddon Township 3/16
    35. Jackson 3/16
    36. Collingswood 4/16
    37. Audubon Park 4/16
    38. Mount Ephraim 4/16
    39. Barrington 4/16
    40. Berlin Borough 4/16
    41. East Brunswick 4/16
    42. Gloucester City 4/16
    43. Chesilhurst 5/16
    44. Greenwich Township 5/16
    45. Passaic Cnty 5/16
    46. W Deptford 5/16
    47. Pennsauken 5/16
    48. Mantua 5/16
    49. Gibbsboro 6/16
    50. Beverly 6/16
    51. Little Ferry 6/16
    52. Hi-Nella 6/16
    53. Bergen Cnty 6/16
    54. Wyckoff 6/16
    55. Lindenwold 6/16
    56. Bordentown 6/16
    57. Hackensack 6/16
    58. Mount Holly 7/16
    59. Camden 7/16
    60. Pitman 7/16
    61. Maywood 7/16
    62. East Rutherford 7/16
    63. Union City 7/16
    64. Clayton 7/16
    65. Burlington Cnty 7/16
    66. Glen Rock 7/16
    67. Woodcliff Lake 8/16
    68. Saddle Brook 8/16
    69. Woodlynne 8/16
    70. Washington Twnshp 8/16
      ↟Council override of mayoral veto
    71. Morris Cnty 8/16
    72. Upper Saddle River 9/16
    73. Eatontown 9/16
    74. Swedesboro 9/16
    75. Hamilton 9/16
    76. Fairview 9/16
    77. Tavistock Country Club 9/16
    78. Fanwood 9/16
    79. Ridgefield09/16
    80. Wallington 9/16
    81. New Milford 9/16
    82. Ridgewood 10/16
    83. Edgewater 10/16
    84. Woodbury Heights 10/16
    85. Marlboro 10/16
    86. Fair Lawn 10/16
    87. Pine Valley 10/16
    88. Ocean Township 10/16
    89. N Arlington 11/16
    90. Watchung 11/16
    91. Frenchtown 12/16
    92. Palisades Park 12/16
    93. Union Bch 1/17
    94. Cliffside Park 2/17
    95. Statford 2/17
    96. Burlington 2/17
    97. Bradley Bch 2/17
    98. Haddonfield 2/17
    99. Bound Brook 3/17
    100. Livingston 3/17
    101. Franklin 3/17
    102. Manalapan 4/17
    103. Scotch Plains 4/17
    104. Lodi 4/17
    105. Secaucus 4/17
    106. East Newark 4/17
    107. Roselle Park 5/17
    108. Harrison 5/17
    109. Brielle 5/17
    110. Matawan 6/17
    111. Caldwell 6/17
    112. Maple Shade 6/17
    113. N Plainfield 6/17
    114. Asbury Park 6/17
    115. Leonia 7/17
    116. Hopewell Township 7/17
    117. Springfield 9/17
    118. Nutley 10/17
    119. Cranford 10/17
    120. Moorestown 10/17
    121. Rahway 11/17
    122. Lawrence 2/18
    123. Holmdel 2/18
    124. Barnegat 2/18
    125. Westfield 4/18
    126. Garwood 6/18
    127. Palmyra 4/18
    128. Linden 6/18
    129. Teaneck 9/18
    130. Shamong 11/18
    131. S Orange 11/18
    132. Wall 12/18
    133. Medford Lakes 2/19
    134. Tinton Falls 3/19
    135. Carteret 3/19
    136. Madison 5/19
    PMFUS counts all jurisdictions: counties and a country club, which include bans in their resolutions of support though lack the authority over businesses locally. Why.↓
  16. NM flag New Mexico
    1. Rio Rancho 4/17
    2. Albuquerque 6/06
  17. NY flag New York
    1. Mamaroneck 2/16
    2. Mount Pleasant 3/16
    3. Yorktown 8/16
    4. Rye Brook 8/16
    5. Port Chester 10/16
  18. OH flag Ohio
    Jurisdictions Bans nullified by state law.
    1. Toledo 12/13
    2. Grove City 3/16
    We count these cities for passing bans. Why↓
  19. PA flag Pennsylvania
    1. Pittsburgh 12/15Rabbit Sales Banassignment
    2. Philadelphia 4/16
    3. Bellevue 6/19Rabbit Sales Ban
  20. RI flag Rhode Island
    1. E Providence 6/14assignment
    2. Warwick 6/17
    3. W Warwick 2/18
    4. Providence 7/18
  21. SC flag South Carolina
    1. N Myrtle Bch 8/19
  22. TN flag Tennessee
    1. Nashville 5/18
    2. Franklin 12/18
  23. TX flag Texas
    1. El Paso 10/10
    2. Austin 12/10assignmentassignment
    3. Ft. Worth 6/18
  24. UT flag Utah
    1. Salt Lake Cnty 10/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    2. Millcreek 10/15Rabbit Sales Ban
    3. Copperton 1/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    4. Emigration Canyon 4/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    5. White City 7/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    6. Magna 10/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    7. Kearns 12/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    8. Sandy City 5/18Rabbit Sales Ban
    9. Midvale 5/18Rabbit Sales Ban
    10. Murray 8/18Rabbit Sales Ban
    11. Salt Lake City 11/18
  25. WA flag Washington
    1. Bainbridge Isld 6/17
    2. Bremerton 9/17
    3. Poulsbo 1/18
    4. Gig Hrbr 5/19Rabbit Sales Ban
    5. Kitsap Cntyassignment 7/19
  26. WY flag Wyoming
    1. Rock Springs 4/18Rabbit Sales Ban

Canada flag Canadian provinces passed bans
also passed strong restrictions

  1. BC British Columbia
    1. Richmond 11/10
    2. New Westminster 11/12Rabbit Sales Ban
    3. Vancouver 6/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    4. Delta 10/17Rabbit Sales Ban
    5. Surrey 3/18Rabbit Sales Ban
    6. Burnaby 6/18Rabbit Sales Ban
  2. ON flag Ontario
    1. Mississauga 7/12
    2. Toronto 2/13assignment
    3. Kingston 8/13Rabbit Sales Ban
    4. Vaughan 4/14assignment
    5. Waterloo 8/14
    6. Ottawa 3/16
    7. Oakville 3/16
    8. Richmond Hill 6/16Rabbit Sales Ban
    9. Cambridge 10/16
    10. Chatham-Kent 4/17
    11. London 12/17
  3. QB flag Quebec
    1. Rosemont-La Petite Patrie 12/11
    2. Hudson 9/14
    3. Beaconsfield 12/15

Australian flag. Australian state passed ban
statewide ban = Had store(s)

  1. VC flag Victoria
    Jurisdictions state ban Statewide ban 12/14/17
    1. Victoria 12/17

UK flag United Kingdom countrywide ban
Mandated 1/2019, effective 1/2020

  1. England/UK flag England

    England: The government has confirmed it will be banning third party sales of puppies and kittens, Animal Welfare Minister David Rutley announced today (23 December 2018).

    The decision was taken following a public consultation, from which there was over 95 per cent support for a ban. It will help bring to an end the terrible welfare conditions found in puppy farming and solve a range of existing animal welfare issues.

    England's countrywide ban, the first in the world, will take effect 1 April 2020.

  2. Wales flag Wales

    Wales unites behind the Lucy's Law campaign to end its shaming puppy farming trade. "Let's try to beat the English to it," said Eluned Morgan, the Labour Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales.

    The Welsh government launched a 12 week consultation on banning third-party puppy and kitten sales with the aim of protecting the animals’ welfare, ending 17 May 2019.

    A Summary of Responses document has been published, 18 July 2019, on this Welsh government page. See blog post, Wales Publishes Responses to Proposed Dog & Cat 3rd Party Sales Ban.

  3. Scotland flag Scotland

    Scotland is in danger of becoming the puppy farmers' best friend, 1/2019. There has been growing support for the introduction of ‘Lucy’s Law’ in Scotland after it was recently confirmed it will be introduced in England and Wales.

  4. UK flag for Northern Ireland Northern Ireland

US flag US states with local or statewide restrictions
of these also passed bans

  1. Arizona
    1. Statewide 6/14
  2. Connecticut flag Connecticut
    1. Statewide 5/16
  3. FL flag Florida
    1. Parkland 11/10
    2. Sunrise Cnty 4/13
      ↑Allows local hobby breeders
    3. Plantation 8/15
    4. Coral Springs 9/15
    5. Miami 7/17
      ↑Allows local hobby breeders
  4. IL flag Illinois
    1. Mundelein 11/16
    2. Statewide 11/15
  5. Louisiana flag Louisiana
    1. Statewide 6/16
  6. NJ flag New Jersey
    1. Statewide 1/15
    2. Pt Pleasant 8/12
    3. Emerson 6/16
    4. Park Ridge 7/16
  7. New York
    1. Suffolk Cnty 6/14
    2. New York City 12/14Rabbit Sales Ban
  8. Ohio
    1. Statewide 3/17
  9. VA flag Virginia
    1. Statewide 3/15
    2. Virginia Bch 3/16

Canada flag Canadian province with local restriction
Province has passed bans

  1. ON flag Ontario
    1. Welland 11/14


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BansMap of Bans
Sunrise emoji

Throughout the world, jurisdictions [US: , Canada: , AUS: , UK: ] have passed a ban on the sales of puppies, kittens and sometimes rabbits, ferrets, pigs and other animals in retail stores unless procured from accredited shelters or rescues, also known as "adopt-only" ordinances, including the entire states of California and Maryland in the US; Victoria, Australia; and England, UK.

A Note About New Jersey Bans

PMF.US counts all jurisdictions ( New Jersey counties and 1 country club) which include bans in their resolutions of support, though they lack authority over businesses locally. Without the , the ban count is .

assignment Resolution 2015-550, Mercer Cnty, New Jersey

§Restrictions on the Sale of Animals
¶1A. A pet shop may only offer for sale those dogs and cats that the pet shop has obtained from or displays in cooperation with:
a). An animal care facility; or
b). An animal rescue organization
[The ordinance] discourages and, in fact, prevents the sale of animals brought to our community under the most horrific circumstances that no community should ever condone.

—Jeff Nash, Camden Cnty, New Jersey, Board Member, 9/2015

A Note About Miami

Miami flag

Miami passed an ordinance on 7/27/17 that limits the sourcing of dogs and cats in retail stores, but allows for local backyard breeders to provide "products" to retail stores. This regulation is similar to one of the earliest strong restrictions tallied, in Sunrise County, Florida.

Since we know that breed-club breeders [e.g., Labrador Breeders of America] are under licensing restrictions to not sell to pet stores, which most of them wouldn’t do anyway, backyard breeders will be allowed to provide stores with pets: a puppy and kitten glut could ensue, stores might increase and a local pet mill problem could proliferate.

As of 9/2019, a search for puppy stores in Miami returns 3 brick-and-mortar results which, sadly, bears this out.

We, therefore, have relegated this close-but-no-cigar ordinance to a strong restriction rather than a full ban.

Paw Prints emoji
Strong RestrictionsStrong Restrictions.

Strong restrictions include ordinances that require pet stores to post breeder information on the cages of pets for sale and do not allow pets from mills that have had a USDA inspection violation in the past 2-5 years, variously. These are next to impossible to enforce, allow for business as usual and are dependent on consumers and watch dog organizations to report violations.

On the upside, when strong restrictions are proven to be repeatedly violated, it leaves a governing council or legislature no choice but to implement a total ban as is the case with the state of Maryland which passed restrictions in May 2016 and a full ban in April 2018.

If the jurisdictions with strong restrictions [US: , Canada: ] that are causing puppy stores to close or change to humane are included, the number of international jurisdictions with pet sales bans or strong restrictions is .

Bans With Stores Active Puppy StoresActive Puppy Stores

Heart with stars emoji Jurisdictions cite the reasons for the ordinance as humanitarian/compassionate in nature since animals in puppy and kitten stores are virtually all sourced from large scale breeding operations, a.k.a. "puppy mills." Also frequently cited are issues of fraud as animals sold as pure-bred are sometimes not and animals born from sickly animals in pet mills can cost consumers in veterinarian and training bills. As costs rise, animals are all too frequently turned over to local, tax payer-funded shelters or sold online.

By our count, at least bans have passed injurisdictions that had at least one operating store in them the majority of which were/are effective immediately. Some have limited grandfathering, usually 6 months, though state bans are usually effective in one year as are the 4 countrywide bans in the UK.

Noted on our my_locationGoogle Interactive Map with a red puppy head icon for cities and red location marker for counties.

Rabbit Sales BansRabbit Sales Bans

jurisdictions name rabbits in their bans of retail sales including the state of California. Rabbits are often sourced from the same kind of reprehensible conditions as puppy and kitten mills, where profits are of greater concern than the animals' well-being. Rabbit face emoji

Other Animal Sales Bans Pot-Bellied Pig Bans Ferret Sales Bans Other Animals

At least jurisdictions name other animals in their retail sales bans including ferret sales bans, long-lived birds, large reptiles, pot-belled pig bans, 1 hare and 1 pika ban.

The following jurisdictions include a sales ban on all animals:

  1. Flagler Beach, Florida, 12/2002. § 5-17. - Prohibited acts. (f) Breeding or sale of animals. It shall be unlawful for any person to breed or sell animals, or dispose of such animals for any commercial gain or other commercial purpose within the city. Municipal code.
  2. Surfside, Florida, 2/2014. § 90-41. - Regulated uses.
    (d)(26) Provided that no animals including without limitation dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits, turtles, gerbils, hamsters, cows, horses, sheep, and other domestic animals or livestock shall be sold on the premises. Municipal code.

Activists and elected officials argue that most animals found in stores are produced by the same pet mill animal suffering paradigm as puppy, kitten and rabbit mills.

pig face emoji Monkey face emoji Mouse face emoji hamster face emoji Snake emoji Turtle emoji
LawsuitsFailed Lawsuits

Against Jurisdictions

To date, : (11 federal and 2 local) court lawsuits against jurisdictions have failed (including 4 appeals and 2 withdrawals) andall bans have been upheld.The lawsuits were brought by store owners and large-scale breeder support organizations.

Details…. ↑

Against Puppy Stores

known lawsuits are currently being brought against puppy stores and national chains selling puppies, kittens and other animals sourced from pet mills.

Details…. ↑ Thumbs up emoji

Against Activists

At least 1 lawsuit brought by store owners against activists has failed, not including the judge's dismissal of charges in San Diego brought by multiple stores-owner David Salinas against activists, non-profits and individual city council members. See Chicago pet store owners' defamation lawsuit tossed vs puppy mill activist; judge says 'no malice'

09/23/17: Series of federal court rulings – the latest upholding a Chicago anti-puppy-mill law – affirm state, local efforts against animal cruelty. Humane Society of the United States

11/16/16: Petland sues Sarasota Co. over controversial 'puppy mill' ordinance .

1/23/17: "The injunction was denied by the court therefore after this Friday (the 27th of January) Petland Sarasota MUST obey the new law and STOP all sales of cats and dogs." —FB post.

6/19/17: "The Appeal Court denied Petland's injunction. This means the court has officially established that Petland should abide by the law that passed last year and came into affect in January of this year. They can not file to appeal this issue again." —FB post.

Ban Prohibitions and Reversals State Prohibitions Local officials reversed ban

Prohibitions of Bans State Prohibitions of Local Bans.

State laws prohibit local bans.

We include the 2 Arizona and the 2 Ohio jurisdictions because our count is of bans that have passed, including those nullified by legislative (state) act.

Pile of poop frowning emoji

Phoenix ban passed 12/2013
Tempe ban passed 2/2016

... Before the state legislature prohibited puppy store bans.

Likewise Ohio:

Toledo ban passed 12/2013
Grove City ban passed 3/2016

Details and jurisdiction information:  Arizona ↑ Ohio ↑

In May 2016, the Arizona legislature enacted a law prohibiting local communities from ending animal suffering by passing retail store restriction and ban ordinances, nullifying the 2 local bans that had been passed in Phoenix (12/13) and Tempe (02/16).

In December 2016, Ohio followed suit, nullifying two local bans in Toledo (12/13) and Grove City (03/16).Thumbs down emoji

Both state laws created statewide strong restrictions on all stores, though those measures are ineffective.

See the Strong Restrictions summary ↑ for details.

We count all bans that were passed by community activists and regulatory bodies, therefore the state prohibitions have not altered our count of bans. Our count of bans passed includes the 4 bans passed in Arizona and Ohio.

Reversals Local officials reversed ban

NB: We have, however, removed from our count the Las Vegas ban passed in January 2016. The city council REVERSED their ban in November 2017.

So far, only jurisdiction has made this mistake, noted on our my_location Google Interactive Map ↑ with a black puppy head icon Local officials reversed ban

Resolutions of SupportSupport

cities, counties and state departments have issued statements and resolutions of support toencourage other jurisdictionsto pass bans. Details ↑ ….

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